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In a detailed introductory consultation, we jointly clarify your personal health problems and your expectations when visiting our clinic. We will explain you the underlying problems that may have lead to the development of your disease and the possibilities for an effective personalized therapy. We explain our approach and our treatment offers to you in detail.
Diabetes mellitus is a disease caused and driven by various inherited or acquired underlying disorders. The nature and degree of these deteriorations vary between individual subjects. Through laboratory testing (one-time blood draw), we clarify exactly what your individual diabetes type is by assessing the severity of your various underlying disorders (phenotyping).
Once we have determined the phenotype, we can discuss your specific treatment options with you. Of course, they depend on the degree of the different disorders, but also disease duration and previous treatments are playing a major role. Furthermore, we can then make a targeted attempt to treat any additional late complications that may be present in the small and/or large blood vessels (if applicable).

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