Trust is the foundation.
Success is the result.

Our actions revolve around the customer

Satisfied customers are the best references. We share successful partnerships with following companies, including but not limited to:

• Abbott (Wiesbaden/Germany)
• AbbVie (Ludwigshafen/Germany)
• Bayer (Leverkusen/Germany)
• Becton Dickinson (Heidelberg/Germany, Franklin Lakes/USA)
• Berlin-Chemie (Berlin/Germany)
• Boehringer Ingelheim (Ingelheim/Germany)
• Cnoga (Caesarea/Israel)
• Diabetologen Hessen (Gießen/Germany)
• Diagnosticum (Neukirchen/Germany)
• GlucoMe (Yarkona/Israel)
• Integrity Applications (Ashdod/Israel)
• Julius Clinical (Zeist/Netherlands)
• Kuros (Schlieren/Switzerland)
• Lifecare (Bergen/Norway)
• Lilly (Bad Homburg/Germany, Indianapolis/USA)
• Nova Biomedical (Eschborn/Germany, Waltham, MA/USA)
• Novo Nordisk (Bangalore/India, Dubai/UAE, Søborg/Denmark)
• Rechon (Limhamn/Sweden)
• Roche Diagnostics (Mannheim/Germany)
• Sanofi-Aventis (Berlin/Germany, Paris/France)
• Sysmex Partec (Görlitz/Germany)
• TempraMed (Mainz/Germany)
• Unomedical/ConvaTec (Lejre/Denmark)
• Vital (Florida/USA)

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